My Father Terrance Sr.

He goes by Terry. One of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet. He’s one of those guys that no matter what you ask of him, if he’s able to do it for you he will. He’s the most dependable and reliable person I know. Skilled in almost any thing. He went to a trade school growing up for carpentry, was a mechanic and refinishing technition for an insurance company for almost fifteen years, went into business with his Dad running an excavating co. He’s a great heavy equipment operator. He was driving a truck for an oil drilling co. and now he’s running the warehouse for them. He still drives the truck sometimes but he’s doing really well for him self.

Recently I got him into a business called Mona Vie. He was reluctent to join but having common since and seeing the compensation plan he dove into it. It didn’t hurt when I told him that it was absolutly free to join in 2009. I think he did it for me but like I said, he’ll do almost anything to help someone out. If he lived a little closer, I could work with him, teaching him Real Estate Investing. I think he would enjoy it, especially once he started making real money. Perhaps we could have some long conversations on the phone in the near future.

I use to work with him at Dexter Excavating with my Grandpa. I miss it. Being with him every day was one of the most rewarding times of my life. See I’m a very hard worker. I always give one hundred and ten percent no matter how physical the work. Having my father compliment me and look at me daily with that pround look on his face, only made me work harder. My whole life he’s been there for me. Suppoting me in baseball, football, and life. Never showing me anger, only disappointment or approval. He raised me the way that I would like to raise my own kids.

I’m still workikng hard. I can only hope that he’s still as proud of me now, as he was then.

Thanks Dad, I love you.

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