About Terrance

Terrance & Dana Dexter

Terrance & Dana Dexter

    Terrance A. Dexter Jr.

-United States Marine, 2001-2009
-Combat Veteran Operation Iraqi Freedom 2005
-President/CEO, Dynamic Home Buyers, LLC
-Independant Distributor of Mona Vie
-Regional Distribution System Operator (The Illuminating Co.)

Education and success were always on his mind like most of us.  Never letting the day to day grind get him down, he always kept his eye open for his oppotunity to shine.

After high school and trade school he went on to work as a commercial and industrial electrician untill he joined the United States Marine Corps.  After active  duty he stayed in the corp as a reservist while doing his best building a life that he could be proud of.  He soon after married Dana and had two beautiful daughters and continued building on not only his education but his career as well.  After a couple years longer in the construction trade, he studied hard and eventually took a job at the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Co, ( Electrical distribution supplier for all of North Eastern Ohio) as the Regional Distribution System Operator.

Although his life seemed to be on an upward path he didn’t stop there.  He later formed a Residential Redevelopment company by the name of Dynamic Home Buyers, LLC (click here to learn more) and has started his climb to success with leaping bounds.  Instilling values he learned in the Corps, he’s taking Dynamic Home Buyers to new levels and establishing himself as one of the top Real Estate Investors in Ohio.

Terrance Dexter has recently started a new company in the Health and Wellness business.  Knowing an opportunity when it comes around, he formed a company called Dynamic Life, LLC and is an independent distributor of a company and product called Mona Vie.  You can  click here to learn how you can get your hands on this amazing product and or learn how you too can become a distributor and get this product at wholesale prices.

Terrance (T.J.) Dexter is a wonderful family man and is truely an inspiration to be around.  He’s kind, caring, and best of all, everything you would want in a friend.  Trust, reliability, and loyalty;  if your not a friend of this man than you need to be.  He has inspired and will continue to inspire others to follow in his foot steps and take control of their lives.

“I am a self-directed learner. I am responsible and self-challenging, and I consciously modify my own behaviors to advance my own knowledge and expertise. I am able to set priorities and achievable goals, and to monitor my progress with appropriate input from others. Moreover, once I have started a project, I see it through until it is finished.”

“Building knowledge is a continuous process. This will continue to be an area of growth and development for me. I continuously increase my depth of understanding by applying my theoretical knowledge and my practical experience to problems and projects. I have demonstrated my ability to learn and perform and will continue to do so. I try to apply good judgment, and I listen and respond to constructive feedback from my colleagues.”

-Terrance A. Dexter

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