Random Thoughts…

Boy do I have to mow the lawn, figures, it rains for a few days straight and now the lawn is six inches tall.  I go out to the garage and get the lawn mower, it’s a beautiful Honda mower, 5.5 hp, truely a wonderful grass bagging machine.  Sun’s shining with a slight breeze, great day to cut the grass.  I check all the fluids, fill the gas tank, set the choke and pull the cord….. Nothing.  Hu, another good pull ought to do it…….Nothing.  Figures, that’s how life has been to me, it seems like when you need something the most is when life looks at you and says…Not today.  I did a couple of test to check the spark plug and a few other parts…it’s not the plug, not even getting a spark.  The part I need is almost as much as a new mower.  So guess what, fathers day is coming up soon, looks like a new mower for Mr. Dexter.  Haha.  So I went to Home Depot and picked out the one I wanted.  Funny how life has a way of working things out.  Now I have a brand new mower.

Support the Troops!

“There is a sacred duty of the living to carry on the memory of the lost” – I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since 9/11. Ooh-rah.

I personally think that it would be my honor to remember all that I’ve lost.   3rd Batalion 25 Marines, Scout Sniper Teams Mako7 & Mako8, You are not forgotten.  Simper Fi.  (Iraqi Freedom 2005)