Real Estate Professionals looking for a buyer in a Short Sale Situation?

 Dynamic Home Buyers, LLC is your answer. Not only can we buy the property but with our loss mitigation department we will do all the leg work for you. Our offices will prepare, work, send, and negotiate all necessary documentation with the appropriate lender for approval. Never cutting you out of the deal, Dynamic Home Buyers will guarantee your commission and free you up to work on something else. Just sit back in confidence knowing the work is being done and collect your check. Sweet.

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Terrance Dexter

The Working Man

Slowly but Surely I’ve been putting together my internet marketing champane. It hasn’t really been that hard to do, just somewhat time consuming. The wife is starting to get fustrated with the amout of time that I’m putting into my businesses. I can’t blame her. I’m getting fustrated too. Making everything come together just the way you want them is harder than it looks. First I like to start out with an idea of what the end product should look like and what I want it to be able to do. Than I start taking it apart in my head to figure out what all I need to have in place in order for it to function in the manner that I wish it to function in. Once I have all the pieces, I begine to look at who all I can get to do it for me. Unfortunately in the case of my internet marketing, I got stuck with doing about 75% of it. Oh well. I’ll take the wife on a vacation or some thing when it’s all done. Try and get in the quality time that I know she deserves.