My Sister Taylor

My little sister is 14 years old and is coming into her own life. She lives with my Mom and Dad more than two hours away from me. We text message all the time, that seems to be her only form of communication. I wsh I could see her more. She’s wonderful in sports like I was and this year she has opt out of playing. I remember playing ball and having nothing else on my mind except for when was the next game. I couldn’t wait to play again. She recently aquired her first boyfriend and ever since it’s ” I love him this and I love him that. Even when she texts me now her signature says how she loves him. It’s because of him that she’s not with her friends playing ball. I don’t want her to get hurt and in addition to that I realize that she may have wasted her time and missed out on becoming better at the game she loves. The only oportunity she may have had to make something of herself and go to college with a scholorship. Her mind is too young to understand the mature thoughts of future responsibility. She’s living in the moment with no care of what the next day brings.

I’ve had it all, money, security, great friends, and I’ve lost it all. I spent eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps, and have done my time in the sand. I’m now home and working hard to rebuild the type of life I once had. This time doing it with two daughters and a lovely wife in my arms. My sister has no clue the type of commitment and dedication that life can be. I wish I had more time with her to show her the things I know and the things I’ve seen. Sometimes I feel bad for moving away from her but to be honest that was the only way that I was going to succeed. There was no oportunity in that town. Just sports and education. Is there anything that I can do from 100 miles away?

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